Shane Ross
  • Great election in Greece.Hope of debt relief for Ireland after Tsipras win . Enda must step up to plate and support debt conference calls

  • Finian McGrath wants to back W Ham to beat Bristol City tomorrow. No dice? Ok . After chelsea & Man City beaten today anything is possible

  • Gavan are u sure of the 1% for Lucinda Alliance , Aaa etc? What was question? Ouch!! Shane

  • Tomorrow's Sindo column: why victory for Syriza in tomorrow's election in Greece would be good for Ireland but bad for Enda. Go Syriza!

  • Independents slip to 28% in SBP poll. Still on top with FG 24% SF20% FF 19% and LAB 9%. Happily settle for that!

  • Christine LaGarde painfully patronises Dublin today. ImF boss pats irish people on heads for takingpain. Go home forgive debt. Viva Siriza!

  • Absolutely brilliant interview by Leo Varadkar with Miriam O'callaghan On RTE .Tells nation he is gay . Go Leo!

  • Tomorrow's Sindo column:Goldman Sach's the' vampire squid' appointed by FG/Lab for sale of AIB. How canLab live with them?

  • Cast your vote for Stephanie in next 5 minutes !

  • Forget politics. Nation should unite,say a prayer , cross fingers , cheer and text for the wonderful Stephanie Roche today. Result 6.40pm

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